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All of us here at mobilike are technology enthusiasts. We’re very knowledgable about every aspect of technology and are experts on a wide range of topics such as native application development, mobile web applications, distributed scalable backend services/systems and even computer generated animation. We love to share our knowledge with aspiring young colleagues, and are big advocates of learning while teaching. That’s why we’re pleased to announce BUILD, the mobile tech camp.

For the first version of the camp we invite students out there for an internship program. It’s designed to develop a solid and energizing base for future tech rock stars. Prospective engineers in their 3rd or 4th year of college, majoring in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Management Information Systems or related areas are all welcome to apply for entry to the BUILD v1, the summer internship program.

Program Details

Program Rules

What We Need from You

How to Apply

That’s it. If your quiz results and college transcripts are on point, we’ll call you and schedule a brief chat to make sure you fit our needs.

Qualifying participants will be announced on mobilike’s website and social media accounts on June 26th​. Successful candidates will also get a call from us to congratulate them and wish them a warm welcome.